What is limb deformity correction?

Limb deformities can be caused traumatic injury, congenital limb length discrepancies, knock knees, bow legs, neurofibromas, bone infections and tumours. They can range from mild to severe causing pain and loss of mobility and function. To correct a deformity, Dr Heymans may choose to do an oestonomy, along with other surgeries such as a ligament repair and arthroplasty to restore functioning and mobility.

What does treatment involve?

Depending on the deformity, surgical deformity correction may involve acute correction techniques or gradual correction techniques. If Dr Heymans believes an acute correction is best, he may perform an osteotomy, during which the bone is cut into 2 pieces, and manually the segments are moved into the correct position. They are then secured into place with screws and plates using internal fixation. Tension is then applied by tightening and altering the fixation on a daily basis to realign the bone and ensure it fuses correctly.

What can I expect in terms of recovery?

Recovery will depend on which of the two approaches was chosen. Using acute deformity correction, you should be back on your feet within 6-8 weeks. With gradual deformity correction, however, you will be on your feet much earlier, but the treatment can last much longer. Either way, Dr Heymans will decide on the best method and inform you on what you can expect for recovery.