In some cases where fractures have healed incorrectly, reconstructive surgery may be needed. Reconstructive orthopaedic surgeons have the skill to treat patients who have recovery complications in which joints, bones and soft tissues are malformed due to injuries related to trauma, sport or physical activity. Reconstructing deformed bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and related structures are Dr Heyman's area of expertise, and he aims to enhance the quality of life of those with malformations during healing. Reconstructive orthopaedic surgeries are most commonly performed on the knee, hip, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and other joints in order to improve mobility and restore functionality. Such surgeries may include osteotomy, joint replacement, ligament repair and arthroplasty.

Depending on the injury that has caused such malunion, Dr Heymans may choose various surgical procedures to treat you. When reconstructing bones, re-fracturing may be needed to correct malunion that may have occurred during healing. Thus the recovery time will depend on the fractures needed to be repaired and the specific bone on which surgery will be done.

For ligament and tendon tears, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery may be aimed at severing and reattaching the ligaments and tendons so that you may have better mobility.

When reconstructive orthopaedic surgery is needed for joints, the reasoning for reconstructive surgery may be due to ligaments that have been torn, dislocation, fractures, tendon tears or degenerative conditions that cause the joint to fail. Depending on the cause, Dr Heymans will decide on the best-suited surgery and inform you on what you can expect for recovery.